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Domain Acquisition

IPManagement through its joint venture partner Sedo, is your trusted partner for gTLD & ccTLD domain name acquisitions. stands alone as the world's only global domain marketplace. Currently employing close to 180 employees from more than 25 countries at offices located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, London, UK and Cologne, Germany, Sedo relies upon the knowledge and diversity of our employees to extend the reach of our services regardless of language or location.

Sedo domain marketplace offers the world's largest selection of premium domains with more than 14 million available for sale!

Sedo has helped more than 50,000 businesses acquire the domain names they need to grow their business and protect their brand online.

Domain Acquisition

Choose our Domain Brokerage service and Sedo will work to acquire your desired domain for you. Once you have consulted with your dedicated broker and chosen a maximum price for the domain, your broker will negotiate for you with the current registered owner. We negotiate worldwide in over 15 languages! Your broker will then work to secure the domain for you at the best possible price while preserving your identity.

Domain Appraisals

With our Domain Appraisal service you can discover the fair market value of a domain to assist you in negotiating a purchase or sale. Multiple factors play a role in determining the value of a domain and Sedo’s experience, as well as our long standing, proven domain evaluation system, will help you understand what factors affect a fair market value for your domain.

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