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Domain Registration

IPManagement is your trusted partner for ccTLD domain name registrations in all available ccTLD’s.

ccTLD Registry Expertise

Many of the ccTLD registries are state owned or non profit organizations and the registration processes are not automated. The burden is upon the individual requesting the registration to make sure that its application has been completed accurately and is filed in a timely manner. All ccTLD registries have their own unique processes IPManagement knows and understands the specific registration processes and will ensure names are registered correctly and in a timely manner.

Registry Specialists

IPManagement Registry Specialists know and understand each specific ccTLD registries registration requirements. IPManagement Registry Specialists ensure clients meet the specific requirements prior to requesting a registration. Receiving the proper documentation from the client speeds the registration process and avoids delays, frustration and failure to register requested names.

Local Presence Requirements
Local Contact (LC)—IPManagement Registry Specialists can provide this service in countries where a basic local presence is required to secure a domain name and the client is unable to comply with the requirement. IPManagement Registry Specialists can provide Local Contacts through an established network of worldwide agents and partners.

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