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Domain Renewal

IPManagement is your trusted partner for ccTLD domain name renewals in all available ccTLD’s.

ccTLD Domain Renewal Expertise

Understanding each ccTLD registries unique processes for renewal payments is the key ingredient for the successful renewal of domain names. IPManagement understands the processes for tracking multiple renewals dates and monitoring the renewal process to ensure that a clients’ names are not deleted for non-payment by the registry.

Domain Renewal Specialists

IPManagement Domain Renewal Specialists follow rigid processes for requesting and tracking multiple invoices and are aggressively pro-active in requesting invoices from the ccTLD registries.

Why is this important?

A significant percentage of the ccTLD registries do not send out renewal notices and place the burden of renewal on the domain holder. Without having these processes in place renewals would go unpaid leading to the domain names being deleted.

Currency Issues

IPManagement Domain Renewal Specialists understand how the registry is to be paid and the currency that is required.

Form of Payment

The form of payment varies across all registries, even those that will accept online payment or wire transfer may require that payment be conducted in their currency. IPManagement Domain Renewal Specialists are experts in understanding the forms of payment each registry requires.

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